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Facebook Office In India. Duh!

By on Mar 16, 2010 in Wisdom | 2 comments

I bet the ‘Duh!’ thing pulled you in to read this post. Facebook has opened an office in India and people are thinking that its a ‘Great Thing’. Lot of people are feeling more confident about Indian Engineering talent. People are saying, “They must realize that Indian’s have the best brain! That’s why they open offices here” The problem is that people are so simple that they just celebrate anything. A foreign thing coming to India is seen as sign of development. Now listen to the ‘real’ thing folks – Facebook has opened a backend support office in India to support its head quarters in USA. That is, people working in their Indian office will do no better job than BPO thing. The truth is that Facebook will now just hire ‘brilliant’ engineers and make them do clerical work for 20% of the salary their US...