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Rahul Raj, Mumbai Police, B.E.ST Bus Firing & India

By on Oct 27, 2008 in Wisdom | 7 comments

News Source. First read this -> : Rahul Raj & Mumbai BEST Bus Firing I hope by now you must have seen the breaking news on all leading news channels. Rahul Raj, a youngster from Bihar, wanting to assassinate Mr. Raj Thakre (MNS Chief) tried to hijack a passenger bus in Mumbai was shot down by Mumbai Police.  The whole incident is tragic. Bihar’s chief minister has issued a statement saying that the police could have overpowered Rahul Raj and captured him. They shouldn’t have killed him. While we do not know yet, Rahul Raj did not not look like a terrorist or a seasoned outlaw. He could have been captured, but I guess it would have sent a wrong message out.  Few lives were at stake, a passenger and a conductor were already shot. In such a situation, police had to save the lives of the people who were still inside the bus. They did ask Rahul to surrender, but he did...