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Google Chrome 3 Review

By on Aug 6, 2009 in Featured Articles | 1 comment

The engineers at Google continue to amaze me. This post comes from Google Chrome 3.0 Beta and so far I’m totally amazed by its speed! The download took about 2.5 minutes on my broadband connection and installation took another 1.5 minutes. Hit the Google chrome button and the magic begins. The browser loading time on my XPS laptop [1 GB RAM running Windows Vista Business 32 bit] is just 2 little seconds. The tab page has been reworked and I like the new animation while switching from list view to thumbnail view and vice-versa. The thumbnails appear gracefully and the whole animation thing is pleasing to eyes 🙂 You can reorder the thumbnails and even stick them to the page if you want. I guess this feature was not there in earlier stable version of Google Chrome. The Omnibox has been reworked as well. You have to try it on your own. What impresses me the most is the speed of this...