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Fashion, Hair Style, Accidents & Helmets

By on Dec 21, 2011 in Common Sense | 5 comments

Right at this moment, I’m looking at a long list of tasks I’ve in front of me. But I’m unable to concentrate. I hate the accident sites; but I happen to pass by at least one every week. I just witnessed an accident – a guy & girl riding a motorcycle collided with another vehicle and got¬†severely¬†injured. The mob gathered in a second and cleared up the road – as if it’s their regular duty. The injured were made to sit on the footpath but everyone could see their bleeding foreheads. The guy was helplessly trying to maintain his consciousness and cover up the injury with his head & scarf. No matter how injured he was; I wanted to slap him and felt no sympathy. First he was speeding at a place where people usually slow down. Second, he wasn’t wearing a helmet! I think people have no motivation to live. Second, fashion & your so called...