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Hasan Ali Gets Bail In Mumbai High Court

By on Aug 12, 2011 in Wisdom | 0 comments

The Judiciary system in India is rapidly falling in my eyes. Of course, the system that’s set in place during the British rule has not been updated and we still follow the practices set by them. Since this is a simple copy+paste job; it has its own drawbacks. I stumbled upon the TOI newsthat Hasan Ali got bail on a personal surety of only Rs. 5 lakh. Reason? Hasan Ali collapsed in the court while the proceedings of his bail trial were underway. What signal does it send to the society? If you want to get involved in a fraud – think big. Think of frauds worth several thousands of crores of rupees so that you can manage everyone – right from the police force that captures you to the judges. Money makes everything be under your control. On the other hand, you’d find several news items in newspapers that police caught some low-level officer caught...