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Fashion, Hair Style, Accidents & Helmets

By on Dec 21, 2011 in Common Sense | 5 comments

Right at this moment, I’m looking at a long list of tasks I’ve in front of me. But I’m unable to concentrate. I hate the accident sites; but I happen to pass by at least one every week. I just witnessed an accident – a guy & girl riding a motorcycle collided with another vehicle and got severely injured. The mob gathered in a second and cleared up the road – as if it’s their regular duty. The injured were made to sit on the footpath but everyone could see their bleeding foreheads. The guy was helplessly trying to maintain his consciousness and cover up the injury with his head & scarf. No matter how injured he was; I wanted to slap him and felt no sympathy. First he was speeding at a place where people usually slow down. Second, he wasn’t wearing a helmet! I think people have no motivation to live. Second, fashion & your so called...

You’re Mentally Sick – Because You Trust Your Driving & Riding Skills

By on Jul 26, 2011 in Wisdom | 3 comments

Every day, my own belief in my own theory that “People are idiots” strengthens. Today, I saved at least 6 lives in a span of over 100 meters and no one really noticed it. Every day I see people enjoy their freedom of using Indian roads like they’re out of their senses. I’m astonished by the faith people have in my driving skills. They know, no matter what, I won’t collide with them and they just wroom by from the right and the wrong side. The sad part – none of them wears a helmet. So in some unfortunate incidence, if we collide and they die – people will blame me. Even when I’m at no fault. I’ve advocated use of helmet several times. It’s the most common sense based thing. But people always have their own excuse. Helmet ‘Helmet blocks my view’, ‘it pains my neck’, ‘my friends will think I’m...

What the hell, mate?

By on Jun 26, 2008 in Wisdom | 3 comments

Few minutes ago, a guy overtook me on his speeding motorcycle. His joy wasn’t long-lasting. In next few  seconds – he (almost) got the lesson of his life: Don’t overtake The Big K on road and feel good about it. The motorcycle dude almost (well, almost) banged his head on the slow moving truck. Since Big K drivers carefully on roads, he expects everyone to driver carefully – and there’s nothing wrong in that. So, today’s post is about wearing helmets (btw, did you notice how intelligent I am? I wrote ‘hell, mate’ in the title. If you didn’t, you’re dim-witted. Anyway! ). Big K strongly advises you to wear helmets while riding motorcycle on roads. It’s a must for all those who have a brain to protect. Others – go away from this blog. Let me give you few advantages & disadvantages of wearing helmet :- Advantages: • You...