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Wanna be an entrepreneur? Wait! Read this!

By on Oct 24, 2008 in Wisdom | 0 comments

The aim of this post is not to discourage budding entrepreneurs. Rather, this post intends to make you aware of ‘challenges‘ (read problems) you might have to face before you even feel like an ‘entrepreneur‘. This post will also help you understand if you have it what takes to be an entrepreneur in you. 1. People will laugh: Till now, you have read about it in books. But when you experience it in real life, its quite different. People, including your close friends, colleagues, managers, friends of friends will either laugh, tell you how you will fail or how everyone else is doing just exactly what you are planning to do.  They will continue to laugh at you or ignore you until they see that you are making money or turning some big screws. Let me tell you, sometimes it is difficult to keep your spirits high. Sometimes you might feel as if you are the only dude who...