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YouTube Buggers

By on Dec 16, 2008 in Wisdom | 3 comments

According to youTube, The Big K is among India’s top 20 most subscribed musicians. About an year ago, I started posting small tutorial videos for newbie guitarists. I’d play a popular song on my acoustic guitar with simple major chords (because most of the Guitar newbies know the major chords) and post the video on YouTube. The videos became popular and I have more than 200 subscribers on YouTube. I have had some of the best compliments from the members. One subscriber offered me to pay all my expenses if I ever go to Mauritius and other said he listens to my recordings whenever he returs home tired after a hard day at office. I have been criticized too. I am not a stranger to criticizm. I have always learned from my critics. Critics are the best teachers; I belive. But then, there are buggers. I call them idiots. Lately I’ve been getting comments on my videos telling...