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I don’t need .me

By on Jul 18, 2008 in Wisdom | 2 comments

Recently I came to know that is offering .me domain names. Naturally, I was tempted to go and check if & were available. Woa! They were available! That tells me, I’m the fastest ‘The Big K’ or ‘Kaustubh’ in the world when it comes to adopting new things 😉 . However, I’m not buying it. Because – I don’t need it. Maybe 10 years down the line, I’ll feel that I should have registered the domain. I already have a kick-ass domain name registered which no-one knows 😉 – and I’m not sure what to do with it. Maybe I’ll sit and think about it – but there are lots of pending things. Anyway, if you have some money to spare, precisely $20 and are ready to get that .me domain after your name for ‘minimum two years’, go visit Do let me know if you...