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How to improve memory

By on Nov 10, 2008 in Wisdom | 5 comments

Superblog reader Differential wants me to write on the topic “How to improve memory”. So here we go – The Internet is overflooded with tips on how to improve memory. The superfast way to remember anything is by associating it with something we already know. I’ll talk about it in a minute. Remember that the association is going to be memorable only when its exciting, odd, unusual, out of the world! Because those are the things which make a deep impression on our brains. Let’s try to remember a list of 10 random items. Say, Aeroplane, Cow, Computer, Pen, Glasses, Window, Building, Apple, Chair, CD. Let’s associate these items in our memory randomly while keeping in mind that the associations are going to be out of the world. Let’s get started. The first item on our list is Aeroplane. Imagine a VERY VERY big aeroplane in the sky, its 100 times as...