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Learning to type faster

By on Sep 13, 2008 in Wisdom | 0 comments

Improvement comes to you when you refuse to be satisfied with your current set of skills/abilities. Rapid typing, without looking at the keyboard – is one of those skills which is not easy to acquire. It requires strong desire to learn to type faster. I’ve tried to inspire lot of people to learn to type faster. I’ve succeeded in inspiring people, but could never get them to type fast. The reason: People are so happy without that skill! I remember, few years ago, I saw uncle in my neighborhood developing a program in foxpro. He had his eyes fixed on the screen and his fingers were doing all the work for him. He did not have to look at the keyboard to fix his typos (in fact, there were no typos at all!). He did not have to search for the keys. His thumb would hit the spacebar at regular intervals. I thought it was so cool! I asked him if he took coaching from some...