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How To Identify Your Passion?

By on Apr 22, 2012 in Wisdom | 1 comment

Everyone tells you that you should do or get engaged in what you really love to do. Because that’s what really matters and keeps you happy. “Follow Your Passion!”, they say. The biggest problem, however is, no one tells you how to identify your passion. Until now, I used to think that there’s no concrete way of finding out our own passions. But some deep thinking revealed to me that one can easily find out whether what they are doing is really what they’re passionate about. How? Well, it shows! Being passionate is often confused with something that you like doing. There’s a difference between doing something that you ‘like’ doing and ‘love’ doing. ‘Love’ – calls for greater intensity. Let me explain with my own example. When I was in standard 10th, I developed passion for Guitar. How do I know it was...