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When HR Lied To Me By Saying, “We Are A Family”

By on Dec 19, 2010 in Wisdom | 4 comments

I sometimes remember the days when I was a new entry into the world of Indian IT Industry. I was fascinated by everything including awesome looking buildings, fully air-conditioned offices, ‘free Internet access’, post interiors, free coffee, unlimited supply of biscuits and tomato soup. I felt like I achieved something. However, as the time passed by and I went through appraisals, project deadlines, steps of corporate hierarchy, some ugly bullshit under the name of ‘outsourcing’, I realized that life wasn’t as rosy at it once looked. However, I continued going to the office because of monthly paycheck. I didn’t bother how much I made, but there was a feeling somewhere in the back of my mind that made me feel comfortable. Soon, I realized that I’d not achieve what I wanted without getting out of that comfort zone. One meeting with HR confirmed...