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Stop Bribing The God! Donate Money To The Hungry & Beggers Instead.

By on Jul 8, 2011 in Wisdom | 8 comments

I’ve always been against donating money to God. I mean, who the hell are we to donate money to T-H-E G-O-D, the Alpha & The Omega? Every time most of us visit the temple, with our list of demands, we read it out to the GOD and then propose a business deal : God, if you do this – I’ll do that. God, if you give me success in business, I’ll donate 40% …no..umm, 5% to you. Deal! Done? Give me a break! Having faith in God is one thing – and doing business with God is different. I too have faith in God and make it a point to visit temple only to say ‘thank you’ (I know, doesn’t make much sense). Now you might argue that donating money to God or temple is one way of saying ‘thank you’. Let me tell you – the money that you donate to already rich temples and ‘God’, goes only in making the trust that manages...