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What a BAD Idea!

By on Oct 12, 2008 in Wisdom | 5 comments

Even though I’m on an official break from blogging, I couldn’t resist posting this interesting piece of stupidity. I’m an IDEA mobile subscriber and I think they’ve been coming up with pretty bad ideas that change your life (not for better). I got following email from IDEA :- Greetings from the Idea family! We would like to assure you that your account’s privacy is of prime importance to us. Taking a step ahead in this direction we are glad to inform you that your Idea E-Bill now comes in a PASSWORD PROTECTED PDF format. You can now view this file, save it for future references or even take prints of the same if need be. Now, I don’t get the exact point. Why would anyone be interested in knowing my idea monthly bill? Then it doesn’t stop there. The password for my PDF file (eBill) is combination of something plus a number that I don’t...