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IIPM – Dare To Think Beyond IIMs?

By on Jan 7, 2011 in Wisdom | 2 comments

Not a single days go without me noticing IIPM’s larger than paper ads in the newspaper. Out of curiosity, I decided to visit the IIPM official website and find out what IIPM is doing exceptional that makes them appeal to the candidates to think beyond IIMs. I’ve always believed that a good product speaks for itself. Gmail for example wasn’t advertise by Google – it was advertised by the people who used it by referring it to their friends and relatives. But I’m not talking about IIPM – because I can’t. I haven’t attended any of their courses and do not plan to anytime in future. My curiosity led me to the IIPM Course Content Page. The page is written by IIPM founder Dr. Malay Chaudhari. I browsed through the various headings and found an interesting one which I could not understand – Why IIPM courses are superior to MBA IIPM has so...