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Strangers’ Pings

By on Aug 20, 2009 in Wisdom | 7 comments

Sometimes, trust me, I sit & wonder why are people so insane. Every time strangers impress me with their insanity and make a lasting impression on me. Is it that the gross level of people’s thinking ability has gone considerably down? What could be the reason for it? Is it the non-iodine salt they eat or over exposure to ‘engineering’. Let me amuse you by sharing an (read: yet-another) conversation with an engineering final year graduate (E4G):- Note: I’ve edited the sms text to make the whole conversation more readable. E4G: Hi, How are you? K: I’m fine. Thanks. E4G: Do you have any tips? K: Didn’t get you, sorry. Tips on what? E4G: Leave it. I want to buy a round magnate. K: I see. Good. E4G: Can you suggest me some shops in Chennai? K: How do you expect me to know the names of shops in Chennai that sell round magnates? E4G: byeeeeeeeeeeeee...