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Attention Indian Banks!

By on Jan 15, 2008 in Wisdom | 4 comments

Attention Indian Banks! I, The Big K – owner & creator of The Big K’s Superblog, want to declare that I DO NOT NEED PERSONAL LOAN at whatever rate of interest, under whatever scheme and I I request you to fire your IT staff because every time your computer chooses my name as the winner of your damn scheme. I have immense trust in Indian banking system and I don’t want to lose it so easily. So please stop calling on my cell phone and tell me that I am the ‘chosen one’. Just stop it! I don’t understand one thing – How come suddenly every xyz bank in India has realized that ‘The Big K’ is in need of personal loan? Don’t (oh please don’t!) go by my looks, or do I look a poor chap in need of money? Well, I’m glad that you care for me & my financial well being, but please don’t call me in the middle of my...