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Indian Software Engineers: Firefox anyone?

By on Jun 20, 2008 in Wisdom | 6 comments

Incredible folks at Mozilla Corporation released version 3 of kick-butt Internet Browser: Firefox. Mozilla claimed that the new version has 15,000 improvements and since I’m using it, Now, that’s an old news. ..but I’ve been thinking – while engineers at Mozilla were building the next version of the internet browser, what were our brilliant software engineers doing? Everyone knows how brilliant our software engineers are! So where’s our Firefox, fellas? Or probably all of our engineers were busy writing (ah, or copying code from Google?) code for the clients from USA. Or is it just too difficult to write a software that brings you pages from the Internet? Let’s ask ourselves – are we ‘engineers’ or just ‘Cheap English Speaking Software Labours’? [No, I know you earn hell lot of money to copy code from Google. I mean...