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Problem with Indian Startups

By on Aug 22, 2008 in Wisdom | 0 comments

I spent some time visiting home-pages of Indian startups. I also had a brief look at the services & products they are offering. As usual, I spotted some trouble with most of them. So here I go, listing my observations about Indian startups. The Copy Cats: Yeah, most of them are either copies of successful startups based in USA, Canada or Europe. 99% of them lack originality. I couldn’t find any difference between two ‘similar’ startups [I’m not mentioning the names]. If the founders are reading this blog, you may argue that you’ve a feature or two that gives you an edge over your competitors. But I don’t see it, seriously. Limited Scope: None (I repeat, none) of the startups were global in scope. Worse, most of them revolved around one city – Bangalore. So you help Bangalore people search for local food joints, multiplexes, pubs, discos...