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Why are we Indians interested in each other’s salary / income?

By on Jun 6, 2013 in Wisdom | 1 comment

In the recent times, I’ve realized that we Indians are unimaginably interested in knowing how much money our friends or relatives make. Money, in modern times, is no doubt a measure of your professional or social success – and obviously we want to know who’s lesser successful than us; because it gives us a feeling of being a winner. How sick! If you are a salaried person, people would easily pass on the questions – ‘What package do you get?’. If you tell people that you got a promotion or switched to a new company the ‘package’ thing will be the first one to appear in the subsequent discussion. If you are a businessman/woman, then people will enclose the question ‘How much do you make?’ in a cool wrapper: “So, what’s your business model?”. In the recent times, I’ve answered that question so many times...