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Big K’s Tips For Interviewers

By on Jul 22, 2008 in Wisdom | 6 comments

I searched internet for a minute and found out that it is full of tips for interviewees. I believe interviewers needs to know few common sense related stuff so that they become wiser interviewers. Before we begin, the most important question: Why should you take my tips? Answer: Because most of my co-interviewers have complimented my interviewing skills with following words: “Boss, really nice interview”, “Hey man, you ask nice questions!”, “I’d like to accompany you in interviews, I would like to learn from you”, etc. So, for those who are unfortunate and have not had / will not get a chance to be my co-interviewer; here are my tips for you:- A Smooth Take Off: Most (99.99%) of the interviewees (both fresher grads & experienced professionals) are nervous; some admit it, some don’t. Its your job to make them feel relaxed and cool and...