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iPa(i)d 37k 4 iPad 2

By on Jun 30, 2011 in Wisdom | 1 comment

I recently wrote about my Gadgetophilia which often results in restlessness and feeling of superiority. Now, before I write further, let me tell you tablets aren’t incredibly useful devices which will replace all your computing needs. Actually, it’s just an internet browsing & movie watching device when you are on the move. However, the best use of any Apple iDevice is the get the “Mine Is Better Than Yours” feeling while not showing it up on your face. The ‘natural’ you behave with an Apple device in your hand, the more jealous it makes people around you. I had almost decided to buy Samsung Galaxy Tab (Either 8.9 or 10.1, whichever launched first). Of course, I had visited several thousand websites to read reviews and see the demo videos of the tab. However, Apple decided to open a dedicated showroom in the city and I went to them on the...