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Once In A Lifetime In Israel – The Journey Begins

By on Sep 15, 2011 in Wisdom | 5 comments

The Once In A Lifetime 2.0 trip to Israel has began. Upon receiving invitation from the organizers of the trip, I started exploring Israel online – checking out videos on YouTube, reading articles on Wikipedia and the posts written by the bloggers who were on ‘Once In A Lifetime’ trip last year. I decided to come to the country with a blank mind. I did, because I am trying not to be a part of an agenda – as one of my readers from Israel pointed out in my introductory post. Visiting Israel? Be Ready For “The Security”! The first impressions of the trip would be the most memorable – and I’d have written this part differently had I posted an update right after my arrival. It’s my 4th day here now and there’s certainly a change in my mindset. I arrived in Mumbai at about 6:30 pm and I had to board the EL AL flight from the...