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Judging the VNIT Personality Contest – II

By on Mar 9, 2008 in Wisdom | 5 comments

[Update: When I began writing the part-I, I had no clue that I’ll be invited to judge the Personality Contest finals^. Since I am a smart-bum, I will combine the ‘best of two’ events and present them to you on ‘as-is’ basis.] (Moments from the Finals: Pan the camera to judges’ waiting room): The first year boys escorted me to the judges’ waiting room. Yet again, my co-judges gave me ‘that strange look’. After I introduced myself to them, they said they knew about me and have read about me in the newspaper. It feels good when your existence is recognized and acknowledged. Now three of us (the judges) were waiting for the fourth judge – Mr. Ram Mohan – My favoritestestest coach/mentor at PT. I am a big fan of Mr. Ram Mohan. Mr. Ram Mohan arrived and looked at the all of us. I got this look-> 😯 , and I did expect it. “Sir, do you remember? I’m Big K from 2003 batch?” I asked. Ram Sir...

Judging the personality contest @ VNIT – Part I

By on Feb 28, 2008 in Wisdom | 0 comments

Being the judge; sitting on the ‘other side’ of the table is an ‘experience’ in itself. As a professional engineer, I’ve interviewed lots of people and have met lot of interesting person(alities). Each experience was different and the latest one was not any different. I mean, it was quite a different experience, as I had expected. CEan – Ankit Virmani called me up and demanded that I should be the judge at VNIT’s Personality Contest. I could not say no; and why would I? I had nothing better to do (as usual) on Wednesday evening. Every year, VNIT, a premier engineering institute in India organizes their fest – Aarohi. It’s central India’s biggest college event! Very well organized and executed. Personality contest, “Cynosure”, is an important event in Aarohi. Ankit called me up and asked for my bio-data; which is quite a technical (?) one. I gave him the points he could use while...