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Do you still have faith in Indian judiciary?

By on Dec 7, 2013 in Wisdom | 2 comments

No matter how big of a legal mess you get into – you are more or less expected to say “I have full faith in judiciary”. But day by day, I seem to be losing faith in the so called judicial system in India. I find it incredibly ridiculous that the lady justice wearing a blindfold. I mean, why the heck on this Earth she has to go by which party adds more weight to the weighing balance. It’s kind of similar to my University – where the scoring was purely based on the number of supplements you attach to the main answer sheet – giving an impression to the evaluator that this candidate he/she is evaluating has a ‘lot to write’ – and therefore everything written in the answer sheet is correct. That’s pure bullshit! I know all of that ‘equal justice for all’ under any situation. But isn’t the system flawed? Under the...