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Will Kalmadi Be Put Behind Bars?

By on Oct 16, 2010 in Entrepreneurship, Wisdom | 2 comments

As I predicted, India won several medals in the Delhi Commonweath Games – at least enough for everyone to think India’s got sports talent and slowly forget about how thousands of crores of their money went into pockets of the greedy politicians. Now that the games are over, and Mr. Manmohan Singh has setup a committee to probe into CWG mess which will take 3 months to submit a report. Once the report is submitted, our energetic Prime Minister will take another three months to take an action and by then, all of us will have moved on. With thousands of crores of Rupees at stake, my prediction (which is a no brainer!) is that Mr. Kalmadi won’t be put behind bars – even though such a big mess wouldn’t have been possible without Mr. Kalmadi’s support. But that’s my opinion. Do you think Mr. Kalmadi will be jailed? [ Oh well, he must be keeping his...