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My TEDx Talk @ SITM (TEDx)

By on Nov 11, 2012 in Wisdom | 1 comment

In September, I was invited to speak at the TEDx event organised by the nice people at Symbiosis Institute Of Telecom Management (SITM), Pune. I love TEDx events for one simple reason – they’re great for networking. The connections you can make at these events are level-10. The speaker line-up at the TEDxSITM was top-notch and I didn’t want to miss this opportunity to know and connect with these speakers – Dr. Pavan Agrawal (Mumbai Dabawala), Preeti Shenoy (Author), Ranjan Malik (Innovation Facilitator), Vipul Goyal (stand-up comedian), Sanjay Kaul (CEO, Gujarat Tourism), Prof. Kautubh Dhargalkar (entrepreneur-turned-academician), Sanjay & Shravan Kumaran (Youngest founders of app development company), Uddhab Bharali (Serial Innovator). Where else in the world would you see all these people coming together? I must congratulate MJ Manoj (organiser) for...

Get superblog posts in your mailbox! FREE!

By on Sep 20, 2009 in Wisdom | 0 comments

Alright, techies would have guessed that the ‘FREE’ at the end of the title was ridiculous. But anything ‘FREE’ attracts immediate attention 😉 . So there you go. Here’s a short tutorial for those who want to have all the superblog posts delivered to their email client – specifically Outlook 2007. That is, this post is useful only to software engineers who work for decent companies that have upgraded their MS Office suits to Office 2007. Step #1: Open your Outlook 2007. Right click on the RSS Feeds folder and select “Add a New RSS Feed..” option. Step #2: At the end of step #1, a new pop up will appear on the screen. Enter Superblog feed URL: in the box. Press ‘Add’ button. Say ‘Yes’ to subsequent popup. Done! There you go. You need not visit superblog for updates. Every...