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Once In A Lifetime @ Kibbutz In Israel

By on Oct 20, 2011 in Wisdom | 2 comments

Boy! After having a great time in Tel-Aviv, our day #7 began with a visit to a Kibbutz. Imagine a colony of people who live together with a sense of equality – to the extent that they share cars, have exactly same houses and even share all of their income with the community. That is, if you make 20,000 shekels a month and live in a Kibbutz, you’ll have to share all of it to the Kibbutz. Every member family of Kibbutz shares their income and then all the purchases are distributed equally amongst all members. The Kibbutz will own 8-10 cars and these cars will be shared by each of the family. We visited Kibbutz named “Tsuba” where we were welcomed by the head of Kibbutz. He took us around and explained the concept in detail. We also visited his own house for a brief period of time. We were informed that while there were quite a big number of successful Kibbutz in...