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Drinking Cola (Coke & Pepsi) Is Stupid. Period.

By on Oct 21, 2011 in Wisdom | 18 comments

People get surprised and sometimes even laugh at me when I tell them I do not drink. “Try It”. Come on, “Try It Once!”. “Try It Just Once, You Will Love It”. “You Should Try It At Least Once In Your Life!” – my friends have tried it in several ways; but couldn’t get me to ‘try it’. The ‘bigger shock’ came to them when I tell them I don’t drink ‘soft drinks’ as well. “Come on dude, it’s just coke! The world loves it!”. Well, I admit that I’ve consumed coke & pepsi as a backup when I was with my friends on a dining table full of killed animals & alcohol. I sometimes wonder who discovered this way of ‘partying’ and ‘enjoying’. Anyway, today I found out that I’m giving up on coke and pepsi as well as my backup plan and reverting...