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Gujarat Lokayukta – Congress (& UPA) Fearing Modi Is Obvious!

By on Jan 2, 2013 in Wisdom | 5 comments

If there’s one thing the government fears is losing the power and as 2014 approaches faster, the fears are getting intense. If my guess is right, the young generation of India wants to see Narendra Modi as India’s next prime minister – and that’s UPA’s biggest fear. The government seems to be taking steps to make sure that there’s enough negative publicity for Modi so that they can divert at least a few votes away from Modi. The recent appointment of Lokaukta in Gujarat is just one major step the UPA led government has taken. The only duty this new Lokayukta is likely to perform is to make sure that the newspapers are filled with all anti-Modi news in the newspapers; so that the congress can ‘expose’ Modi. I just hope that people will maintain their sanity. I’m fed up of the Congress government ruling the center decades after...