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Shirdi Sai Baba Chamatkar: Don’t Ignore It! It WORKS!

By on Jul 11, 2011 in Wisdom | 31 comments

Few minutes ago, I received a mail from an unknown email address. It contained nothing but the following image. I opened it for a while and it said – post it on your blog. Below the photo, it said, anyone who shares this photo will receive a surprise gift within 15 minutes. I forwarded it to at 5 friends from my contact list and waited. Just 12 minutes after I shared it with my friends, door bell rang. I wasn’t expecting it. Out of curiosity, I opened the door – but there was no one except an envelop laying on the floor. I suddenly got nervous – so far, everything was happening just like the mail said. I picked up the envelop and it was addressed to me in a neat handwriting. No mention of ‘from’ on the envelop made me even more nervous. I opened the envelop and found a check worth few thousand rupees. INSANE!! It works! Share this post with your...