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Making Money Online

By on Jun 4, 2008 in Wisdom | 4 comments

Over past several months, I’ve advised about 8 software dudes & dudettes on making money online. I guess it makes sense for me to write down the stuff here so that I don’t have to repeat myself. 1. Its not ‘that’ easy: If you are thinking of starting a website to earn few bucks (you think in multiples of thousand, huh?), think again. Rather, I’d say get the basics right! Making money online is not as easy as it sounds. Yep, there are people who make thousands of dollars every month by running a network of sites. But it took them lot of hard work and dedication to reach there. 2. The money comes: From the advertisers who are willing to advertise on your website (or blog). Although modern ad-networks have simplified the process [to inserting a code snippet in your web pages], it purely depends on the traffic that your website gets. A simple equation...

Online advertising – what you didn’t know

By on May 29, 2008 in Wisdom | 0 comments

I hope this post will clarify the misunderstandings about online advertising. Lot of people believe that only highly successful companies attract banners & text ads. Well, read the rest of the post and you’ll know. Online advertising is damn simple & anyone can put up ads on his/her website. You don’t have to contact the advertisers and do all the selling. You don’t even need to have a great traffic to your website. The whole process of having advertising banners on your site is simple. Get your 4 line ad script from a service provider [vis. Adsense, adbrite, widgetbucks etc.] and insert it on your website where you want your ads to show up! That’s it! Adsense dominates the whole online advertising market today. Their business is simple. Accept the ads through the advertisers and make them available to the publishers. The ads are served directly from...