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Superblog Makeover–Do You Like It?

By on Jun 18, 2011 in Wisdom | 4 comments

Welcome to yet another makeover of The Big K’s Superblog. Regular readers already know that this blog has undergone several changes in recent past. I’m however guessing the current design will stay for longer period of time. I’ve already spend several hours redesigning the ‘Thesis’ theme for WordPress – which is quite fast and efficient. I’ll soon inform you why I use Thesis theme and why you should use it too – if you are serious about blogging. I designed the header myself and I agree that it’s not the greatest blog header ever; but I’m happy which what I’ve achieved with my little creativity. I’m happy to inform you that the background, layout, fonts, widget – have all been designed by me. I’m also making the blog ‘office friendly’ so that onlookers will feel that you are reading Wikipedia articles. The background and the overall layout of the blog has been selected to make the blog...