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Tips for newbie guitarists

By on Feb 16, 2009 in Wisdom | 1 comment

My popularity on YouTube is growing. Everyday about 800 people watch my simple video tutorials for newbie guitarists. I’m being frequently asked for tips. So here are the tips for newbie guitarists – [Disclaimer: I’m not a Guitar Hero. I don’t know a lot more than you do about Guitar. But during past 8 years of my guitaring, I have learned few things. I’d like every newbie guitarist to know them.] You can’t be a guitar hero in a day, week, month, year or two. Accept it. Learning to play guitar is about 3 P’s : Practice, Patience, Persistence. Tip #2 sounds too MBAish. Sorry. But it’s true. It’s completely ok to learn, play and perform the music you like. You can be a good guitarist without growing hair, sporting ponytail, speaking Hindi in American accent. Guitar is a western instrument (Well, the roots of the instrument are Indian)...

You are ‘The Malmsteen’ – Congratulations!

By on Jan 28, 2009 in Wisdom | 0 comments

There are only a few questions that I don’t know answers to. As soon as I get answers to them, I’ll start one MBA entrance training institute I remember the time I felt really bad that I couldn’t type like I’d like to see myself type. With all my 10 fingers doing their job independantly. I worked damn hard for 10 days and got into the world of smooth typing at about 40 words per minute. I’ve improved and comfortably type at about 70 words per minute. I remember the time when my Guitar teacher told me about Malmsteen. I saw Malmsteen playing guitar and guess what? He plays more notes on guitar in a second than characters I can type with my 10 fingers. I got frustrated again and started practising. I haven’t progressed much, but I’m not giving up yet. But you know what? I’ve so many Malmsteens around me. You are probably one of them –...