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Why Marathi Movies Should Evolve

By on Jan 3, 2011 in Wisdom | 6 comments

I no longer watch Marathi movies. That’s because they have lost their charm long ago. I’d go ahead and say, they never had ‘charm’. Think about any Marathi Cinema and you’ll immediately pan your mind in a village where an idiot protagonist tries hard to make you laugh throughout the movie. I guess I’m talking about Marathi movies produced 10 years ago. But has the situation improved? I doubt. I’m aware that it’s very easy to comment and criticize on anything from the comfort of your home. I guess that’s my job all about on Superblog. Movie making is hard and I know what kind of efforts are involved. I couldn’t get our short movie to the first OK take, forget completing the whole movie. Anyway, but those who are in that business should do their job well. I’m also aware that Marathi movies are low on budget. But does that...