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“Marathi Manus” description in three words.

By on Dec 5, 2008 in Wisdom | 56 comments

Recently, I met a businessman from Maharashtra. He’s an active member of many boards and has been actively promoting entrepreneurship among maharashtrians. He has traveled many countries across the world and met lot of maharashtrian people doing businesses there. I enjoyed talking to him. He gave me lot of interesting information about big businesses being run by Marathi people abroad (abroad is not only USA, but rest of the world too!). For example, a “marathi manoos” runs one of the big champagne business in London. Another owns a chain of hotels in all countries  (except India, uh!) and many others. He mentioned, over the years, he has met lot of marathi people and has found three adjectives to describe ‘marathi manoos’. Those three adjectives are [ & I completely agree! ] : Intelligent Honest Coward  भित्रा , Chicken Hearted These three words make...