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Marathi Vs. Non Marathi. Logic Extension.

By on Nov 6, 2008 in Wisdom | 21 comments

Disclaimer: I’m not anti-anyone. 🙂 Almost everyone with a blog is making his/her voice heard about the Marathi Vs. Non-Marathi issue going on around. The safest stand one can take (and looks like everyone is taking) is that the protest by MNS is wrong. Because it attracts support from a bigger chunk of people in India. I said in my earlier post that I won’t express my thoughts on this issue. But when the world is shouting, I can’t keep my mouth shut One of the points that’s being put forth by most of the bloggers is that we are ‘Indian’ first and ‘Marathi’ or ‘Non-Marathi’ later. I’ve always been a supporter of the idea. But decades ago, our politicians divided India into internal states, purely on the basis of language spoken. Now after dividing India into different states on the basis of language, we are being told...