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The Missing Chapter From The Great Book Of ‘MBA’

By on Apr 5, 2012 in Wisdom | 0 comments

Before I shell out all the precious gyaan, let me inform you that I’m not an MBA. I did prepare for CAT once upon a time, but soon figured out that finding “speed of train” and “probability of getting 4 on a dice” isn’t going to help much in what I planned to do in the longer run. I did take CAT but never bothered to check results. I’ve no desire to add extra characters after my name and I’m all content with ‘B.E’. But over a period of time through my employee and entrepreneur life, I’ve had a chance to work with, listen to and interact with several types of MBAs (like those from IIMs to those from Timbaktu College Of Engineering & Management). I’ve observed a pattern with the thinking process of all the MBAs and this post aims to restore the missing page from the great book of MBA. First, without referring to...