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Yahoo BOSS Hates Windows!

By on Aug 5, 2008 in Wisdom | 0 comments

This post is not about Mr. Jerry Yang hating Steve Ballmer. This post is about Yahoo’s BOSS framework (or the engineer behind it; precisely, Vik Singh) hating microsoft. It looks like hating Microsoft is the ‘in’ thing these days. Anyway, I totally dislike the Question Answer Service created on top of Yahoo BOSS. I tried entering few simple questions and it gave me totally vague answers. Frustrated with the service, I typed “Why does this service suck?” in the qusetion box and got following answer (see screenshot) – Looks like Vik Singh hates windows. 🙂 Or is that some clever hardcoding in just 50 lines of code he wrote to create this service?...

Why do people hate Microsoft & Windows?

By on Apr 3, 2008 in Wisdom | 3 comments

I’ve noticed this at lot of places: Blogs, User comments, Canteen Conversations, Meetings etc. People love to hate Microsoft & its operating system – Windows. You’ll hear this a lot if you are surrounded by abunch of IT engineers – “Windows is not stable”. So, once upon a time, I had asked this simple question to one of them “Can you tell me why its not stable?”.  The answer that I got wasn’t convincing. The IT guy had replied “It crashes so many times”. I’ve used Windows 98, XP & now I’ve Vista Business. None of them ever crashed. No, I’m not an ‘average’ user. I’ve ‘played’ with the system and it worked well. Another thing you’re likely to hear when surrounded by bunch of software engineers is – “Windows does not give you complete control over...

Microsoft wants Yahoo : Google – What you gonna do?

By on Feb 1, 2008 in Wisdom | 0 comments

As this report from Bloomberg says, the world’s biggest software maker – Microsoft is all set to buy the world’s biggest Internet property – Yahoo!. Steve Ballmer – Microsoft’s CEO is now attempting world’s biggest technology take over. Now that I’ve decided to talk about this news on Superblog, you might want to think how important is this deal to the internet users and Yahoo’s shareholders. First of all, it seems to me that Yahoo! Inc. isn’t doing very well financially. They decided to cut nearly 1000 jobs to save the costs (what else could be the other reason?).  For Microsoft, with its infinite cash obtained by selling Windows,  this is a wonderful opportunity. For Microsoft (& Yahoo too) haven’t been able to kick Goog’s a$$ in the Internet search business. Even the traffic statistics for this blog show...