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Do You Like Being Middle Class?

By on Jul 13, 2011 in Wisdom | 0 comments

When I was studying engineering, me and my friends would think of starting a business and doing ‘something’ different. We’d evaluate several ideas and then give up because most of them required us to step out of our shoes – which we were not comfortable with. One of my friends blamed it on our belonging to ‘middle class’. His theory was like this – “We have been brought up in middle class families. In order to become really successful – one has to either be born in a poor or very rich family. If you are born in a rich family, anything you do quickly finds success. Or you simply don’t have to do anything to ‘prove yourself’. He’d refer one of our friends who managed to get sufficient marks in engineer and had his very successful family business to run. He knew now matter how he performed in engineering –...

Is There Any Talent Left In India?

By on Mar 12, 2011 in Entrepreneurship, Featured Articles, Wisdom | 8 comments

Unlike most of you – I am serious about my country’s development. But the more trust I put in people, the more disappointment I get. I sometimes wonder whether there’s any talent left in India. I’ve been looking to hire talented people and all I get is copy-paste masters who think they can quickly fool any system and get away with it. The most disappointment comes from people who you think are ‘really’ talented. From Ankit Fadia to Hassan Ali, India seems to be full of people who want short cuts to everything. Frg8 it, we evn us shrtcts in typin. u knw wht i mean? But those words don’t come from my own hiring experience for my venture, but from my experience as a recruiter for the companies I worked with. Copy-pasting job would start right at the ‘Career Objective’ in resume to a friend of mine telling me how Infosys guys were...