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Miss India World ’12 : What Would You Answer?

By on Mar 31, 2012 in Wisdom | 7 comments

Like you, I don’t care and bother about who participates and wins the Miss India contests every year. We’re happy with our jobs & businesses. You already know how much I love Times Of India. I give them the credit of breaking news online; no matter what they cover. While I go to check the technology news; TOI greets me with large advertisements that totally shade the content. Finding my way through layers of advertisements on TOI’s front page; I often click on the news I don’t want to read; and then because I’m already landed on the page; I give it a go. Today, I stumbled upon the news that Vanya (what does the name mean, by the way?) Mishra has wonthe Miss India 2012 contest. What’s interesting is the final question that was asked to her. It goes like this – If you have an option, will you create thousand jobs or feed thousand children...