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Hum AAP Ke Hein CONgress

By on Dec 29, 2013 in Wisdom | 3 comments

Finally Kejariwal has taken the oath as the new Chief Minister of Delhi and already assumed the office. Having followed Arvind Kejariwal and having participated in the Anna Hazare led nation-wide agitation for the Jan Lokpal bill, formation of AAP came as a big surprise to me. Having read Kejariwal’s interviews that he’s a ‘common man’ who does not want to fight elections (which, by the way, looked very truthful & promising), Kejariwal forming a new political party was the last thing I’d have expected. But the reality is that Kejariwal has already became the Chief minister of Delhi – with a promise that AAP will clean up the politics by becoming a part of the system. I seriously do not know where is this heading. People said Kejariwal is the backup plan for Congress think tank; and I rejected their opinions outright. But the fact is that...

Rahul Gandhi’s Speech At CII – What Did He Say?

By on Apr 6, 2013 in Wisdom | 2 comments

Rahul Gandhi, willingly or unwillingly, is going to be the Congress’ candidate for the post of prime minister in Lok Sabha Polls in India in 2014. After a long ‘silence’ (spamming almost about 9 years), he choose to ‘come out’ at the CII conference. I listened to his speech and am now confident that he’s not the person who should lead India. Here’s why – Rahul Gandhi says ‘Give billion people voice and power’ and they will solve the problems of this country in a jiffy‘. Seriously? Who writes speeches for you, Mr. Gandhi? Who told you that a billion people will solve the problems in a jiffy? If that was to happen – why’d we need leaders in first place? And – when people raised their voices for the Lokpal Bill and bringing back the black money stored in Swiss banks – your government did everything...