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Thank God It’s Monday

By on Feb 13, 2012 in Wisdom | 0 comments

I’ve always wondered why people eagerly wait for ‘Friday’. I don’t like it when the week ends. I like it when the week starts – because it gives me a new reason to do more exciting things. It feels like a fresh start every time. I’ve had my ex-colleagues ‘stare’ at me for being cheerful on Monday. I’ve had my ex-colleagues begin Monday with a sad face. Coming to your office on Monday is often the most ‘boring’ and ‘annoying’ thing for most of the people. But not for me. I often wonder what people do on weekends. Except for a few people who really make the most out of Saturday & Sunday by doing something creative,¬†adventurous¬†or in short, positive; the majority spends weekend sleeping and watching TV and charging their batteries for the week ahead. What a dull life! Doing ‘nothing’ and sleeping...