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In the end, only money matters

By on Aug 15, 2009 in Wisdom | 8 comments

Here’s another comment upgraded to a post. Superblog reader ‘kaka’ posted following comment on my post “Why Should I Stay In India?” – US is alaways a better place to be.we indians a too patriotic about our country, which is not helping us in any manner and we are making ourselves narrow minded. At the end money is what matters, if you can earn more money in india then go ahead, if in us then go ahead. Remember money can solve most of our problems. the rest of the problems can be solve by changing our attitude. I thought of upgrading this comment to a post because the comment was made on Independence Day. I won’t express my personal opinion on the comment right away. I wish to know your views on what’s being said in the comment. “In The End, it’s the money that matters”. What do you say? Tell me. –The Big...