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Marathi Movie: “Shwaas” – Revisited

By on Mar 28, 2008 in Wisdom | 0 comments

Surprises come in different flavours, and I had a very nice surprise yesterday evening. I got a mail from my blogging engine saying I’ve a new comment on my post in which I criticized the movie title(d) “Shwaas”. I had said that I did not find any connection between the title of the movie and the story. I was shocked/surprised to see that the producer of the movie, Mr. Deepak Chaudhari commented on the post! Check it here – Click Me I’ve mixed feelings while writing this post. First of all, Mr. Chaudhari’s comment does explain how the title “Shwaas” is relevant to the theme of the movie. The message is very good – one can be successful even without eyesight. I’ve seen few blind  people who are way better than the rest of us. I remember our English professor – Mr. Asudani. He is a genius! Physical disabilities can never be an obstacle. We all...

Marathi Movie: Shwaas

By on Feb 7, 2008 in Wisdom | 1 comment

Once upon a time, there lived a little boy in a small villege in the Konkan region of India. The boy, one day, complaints to his grandpa that he’s some problem with looking at far objects. The local doctor suggests that the kid should be diagnosed by an eye-specialist in Mumbai. So his (poor) grandpa takes the boy to Mumbai. There, the doctors says that the boy is losing his vision & will be blind very soon. There’s no way to protect his vision. Grandpa has no hope, but he gathers his guts. Wants to show the world (that is Mumbai aka Bombay) to the kid before he loses his vision completely. Grandpa does his job, manages to show the kid all the life in Mumbai. Finally, the boy loses his vision. We feel sad. We praise the story. We praise the actors. I give 10/10 to the story & the actors. But what about the title of the movie? Shwaas? That is “The...