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Entertainment Unlimited!

By on Mar 31, 2008 in Wisdom | 4 comments

I sometimes wonder how much useless entertainment a person wants. All common people want to be entertained all the time. Unfortunately, the type of entertainment people love is ‘useless’. I will make myself clear in the following paragraphs. I have observed many people use their computers to store music & videos. Some use them as a dump yard for the pictures taken from the mobile phones / digital camera. The rest use it to play the games. So, they make their computer (which is capable of doing much more than just storing music, pictures & videos) an entertainment station – an on demand television. I see most of the people browse TV channels trying to find something that is funny or interesting. I see most of the people would prefer watching MTV Rodies than watching a documentary on Discovery channel about the latest development in technology. Many people would prefer to watch...