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My Jobs In Pune – Hmm

By on Jul 23, 2008 in Wisdom | 2 comments

Okay, I’ve been hearing their advertisement on Radio since last couple of days and today, decided to visit their site – I visited their site only because they claim that they have over 1,00,000 registered members! Interesting! So assuming that every day 1% of their members access the website – we have over 1000 daily visitors! That means at least 5000 daily pageviews. That means they should be on Alexa! That means they should be on compete. I’m surprized to see that they are not. 🙁 Or, do we have another example of ‘smart advertising’? We have 1,00,000 registered members! We are cool! 🙂 Come on! –The Big K– ps: Nothing personal about folks @ myjobsinpune. I liked their concept and I hope they do well. You might even click above link and get registered on their website! All the best! May your find your job in Pune with...