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Can a person’s nature or character change?

By on Nov 5, 2013 in Wisdom | 0 comments

Rather than imposing my views on all my readers, I’ve decided to ask all the readers of SuperBlog to share their opinions, experiences on this question. I’ve been told that it’s almost impossible for a person to change his/her basic nature or character. The reason being that a full grown adult gets through conditioning for so many years, especially during their formative age and all things he/she experiences go through make an ever-lasting impression on their brains. It’s impossible to wipe it out and rewrite it with something better. I’m not sure if the question can be answered at all with clarity. I’m definitely not looking for scientific studies (don’t shy away from posting references though) but more interested in knowing real-life experiences. I, myself, have been trying to change my ‘quick-shot’ anger and have controlled it to...