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In India we sing & dance

By on Oct 18, 2008 in Wisdom | 2 comments

I found myself in front of TV, repetedly pressing the ‘Next Channel’ button on the remote to find something worth watching. All the channels had one of the following :- TV Actors Dancing in reality show Mother in Law – Daughter in Law Dancing in reality show Movie actors dancing on big stage TV Actors singing in a singing competition Kids singing in Kid’s special singing competition News channel showing comedy show Comedians trying their a$$ off to make people laugh Cricketers – either singing or dancing …and so on. I’m thinking, we are a country of talented people! Almost everyone in India can sing and dance. Whole India today is busy singing & dancing! So, is talent limited only to singing and dancing? Well, the dances or singers do nothing different but either a) copy from the west b) repeat the same steps in each dance. Anyone who can...